STS is developing an integrated home automation, security & surveillance system with machine learning for consumers. Customer has to buy home automation, security and surveillance systems from different vendors. Customer has to deal with multiple apps with no intercommunication. Surveillance systems can’t differentiate between an animal & a human intruder.

Currently available solutions

People have no choice but to buy home automation, security and surveillance systems from different vendors. All vendors provide their own apps with different interfaces. No intercommunication exists between these systems. People keep getting false alerts regarding motion detection from their cameras even when light condition changes, trees sway or cat or some animal passes. People tend to ignore the alerts and they cannot know even when some intruder comes. Security systems and surveillance systems work independently. They are not intelligent. In case of an alert people have to switch between various apps to turn on lights, see camera feed and respond to security system. Available systems are expensive and people have to contact multiple companies in case they need some support. People also have to deal with multiple contracts.


STS Control is an integrated home automation, GSM based security system, access control and surveillance system with installation/maintenance services. Machine learning algorithms & intercommunication between all components eliminate false alarms.


People who own houses or people and builders who are going to construct new houses are prime market. Only automation market in EU is US$12,007m in 2018 with 24.2% annual growth. People and companies looking for an integrated and intelligent home automation, surveillance and security system must have this product. People who are looking for affordable solution with hassle free installation and after sales maintenance services need this product. STS Control is a complete wireless solution and it requires minimum modifications in existing infrastructure. People having interest in latest technologies should install this system. It uses latest machine learning, computer vision and automation technologies. People looking for security with convenience are ideal candidates. With artificial intelligence, most of tasks are done automatically with little involvement of end user. This system is also compatible with broad range of 3rd party hardware giving consumers wide variety of options.

Market growth

Smart home market is growing very rapidly. In Europe revenue in the Smart Home market amounts to US$12,007 million in 2018. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 24.2%. On basis of available statistics, it is going be much bigger in ten years. According to Zion research Europe residential security market was valued at USD 759.2 million in 2014 and is expected to reach USD 1,867.5 million by 2020. Europe residential security market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.11% between 2015 and 2020. Our solution is an integrated solution that targets both smart home and security & surveillance market.

Competitive advantage

Home automation and home security are not two different problems. There are solutions already in market that have focus on only one of them. Home is all about comfort and security therefore STS Control has offered an integrated solution. It incorporates latest technologies including computer vision and machine learning to create more autonomous solution. Due to intercommunication camera on detecting an intruder can communicate with security system to generate alerts and with automation system to change light status. The security system on detecting a breach through its sensors can activate relevant cameras to focus on problem area and to start recording. It offers multiple layers of security. Due to machine learning cameras can differentiate between a friendly and unfriendly person. It can also differentiate between a human and other object thus no false alarms. The technical expertise of team is key advantage.

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